PANTONEVIEW Home & Interiors Inspiration 2022 Digital Book (Pre-Order Now)

PANTONEVIEW Home & Interiors Inspiration 2022 Digital Book (Pre-Order Now)


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PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2022 Digital book Involved, Resolved, Evolved


As we begin to reset our lives, we look with new eyes toward an unknown future. Grounded by our desire for safety, security and well-being, we assess what is of value. Anchoring ourselves in a positive outlook, we draw on our ingenuity, creativity, resiliency and flexibility to refocus differently and find inventive ways to move forward. Healthier living and the comforts of simpler pleasures take center stage as does a desire for clarity and a less-is-more approach to design. Shared origins connect to humanity in new ways as we transform the narratives of the past into modern tales. A soothing, bucolic way of living appeals as do the colors and patterns of pristine wildwoods. We venture out on road trips to encounter rocky hills and wild lakes while also innovating, activating, and unleashing our imaginations in sculpted metallics and repunk’d brights that break boundaries, embrace technology and explore a digital universe brimming with possibilities. PANTONE® VIEW home + interiors 2022 speaks to these design dualities with eight storylines and palettes plus updates of four key palettes from PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2021, offering a comprehensive vision of the future anchored by what we want to keep and foster, and inspired by what we want to invent, create, and experiment with. 





  • Overarching forecast theme
  • 8 individual trend palettes supported by trend narrative, inspirational imagery, suggested color harmonies, palette key words and product application.
  • Updates to 4 palettes featured in PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2021 supported by trend narrative, inspirational imagery, suggested color harmonies, palette key words and product application.
  • Topline look at key finishes, textures and pattern
  • Written and visual overview highlights key color concepts
  • Printed color card displays forecasted colors in chromatic arrangement, color overview by family, 2022 trend forecast theme and key color call-outs for all 12 forecasted palettes.
  • CMYK values for each of the 117 forecasted colors
  • Supporting visual imagery contained in each of the 12 trend themes



  • Each of the 12 trend themes contain supporting color story, visual inspiration and key color guidance streamlining process for color planning.
  • Color palette harmonies showing color mixes facilitate product planning.
  • Topline material, texture and pattern information highlights critical surface application and informs products for development.
  • Color direction by color family enables more informed color choices
  • Chromatic presentation of forecasted colors showcases all forecasted colors for easy viewing
  • Forecast displayed in PANTONE Colors facilitates color planning using the PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interior color language
  • CMYK print values for each forecasted color enables color matching for print applications
  • Supporting visual imagery makes it easy to create your own story board


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