VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 09 - Spirit of Nature (Pre-Order Now)
VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 09 - Spirit of Nature (Pre-Order Now)
VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 09 - Spirit of Nature (Pre-Order Now)
VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 09 - Spirit of Nature (Pre-Order Now)

VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 09 - Spirit of Nature (Pre-Order Now)


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VIEWPOINT COLOUR, edited by Franklin Till, is an aesthetically provocative, culturally relevant trend book that takes a lifestyle approach to color, providing a global color perspective across all product and design industries. Each issue highlights one overarching theme supported by visual imagery, material direction, key direction by color family and 4 trend palettes in Pantone Colors. The latest color news, color psychology research, designer and artist spotlights and future design trends are also featured.

Spirit of Nature focuses on our reconnection to nature, urging us to consider the influence of nature on design as the effects of our betrayal of the natural environment has been thrown into sharp relief by the global pandemic. Highlighting three key color directions we explore color with Material Legacy, color from Deep Nature and color influenced by Elemental forces. While our focus is on enduring, long-lasting classic shades – blacks, beiges and grays, directional color such as zesty shades of striking green, yellow and orange still have relevance. Above all considered color application is key. Far removed from fast-changing seasonal colors intended for quick wins and short-lived relevance, the palettes emerging from Spirit of Nature are slowly evolving from our current and necessary paradigm – one that places us within the natural world, rather than above it.


Brand: Pantone LLC


  • 12.5” x 9.5” softcover on heavy weight paper stock
  • 176 pages


  • SPIRIT OF NATURE: The Context; Nature’s Wisdom, Variation, Regeneration
  • Spring/Summer 22 Color Forecast: 3 Key Color Palettes – Material Legacy, Deep Nature, Elemental + Key Color Family Direction
  • CONSTRUCTED LANDSCAPES: The Connection Between Humans and the Environment
  • EPHEMERAL COLOUR: Gothic Botanical
  • MARSHMALLOW LASER FEAST: Immersive Art Underpinned by Science and VR Technology
  • COLOR OF TIME: Slow Process of Natural Color Fading Impact on Material Finish and Appearance
  • PATTERN CONSCIOUSNESS: Understanding the Patterns of Nature
  • MATERIAL AGES: The Next Materials Revolution
  • EXPANDING HORIZONS: A Long-Term Design Manifesto
  • UNSEEN COLOR: A Glimpse into Nature’s Colors Indiscernible to the Human Eye



  • Contributions by artists and designers around the globe expose a global perspective to color
  • Short- and long-term color direction allows you to select your colors based on your planning cycle
  • Actionable color intelligence from global color trend experts gives you confidence to make critical color choices
  • Lifestyle color approach streamlines the color planning process
  • Enables you to begin your color planning with the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors color language