Big. Colossal. Enormous. It’s Serviform EcoGiant!

Big. Colossal. Enormous. It’s Serviform EcoGiant!



There are many ways of considering one of our greatest chart-toppers all over the world. One is for sure to start from its name: EcoGiant‘Nomen omen’ (the name is a sign) as already the Roman playwriter Plautus stated. Giant, though, is for sure not only the size of the machine we are highlighting today. There are many features the benefit of which are real synonyms to it. Judge yourself, you will be amazed!


Let’s start with the ENORMOUS success EcoGiant has all over the world: die makers in more than 20 countries have been choosing this auto bender and are more than delighted with its performances. You know best how difficult it is to make you guys happy: die makers are among the most demanding clients when it comes to customer satisfaction! 


Then there is the IMMENSE versatility thanks to the extremely rapid changeover from one rule thickness/height to another. Its newly developed interchangeable bending sleeves process 2, 3 and 4 pt. steel rule from 22.5 up to 60 mm high thanks to the motorized punching station where the cartridge position automatically fits with the steel rule height used. 


Never heard of its PRODIGIOUS production speed? The new generation multiple cartridges of EcoGiant allow you for multiple operations such as cutting, lipping and notching. In the even wider special cartridge program the EcoGiant has tailored cartridges designed to produce perf, nicks, and cut/crease rule out of standard cutting rule. Everything within one machine – that saves space either!


EcoGiant is always TREMENDOUSLY ahead what technology concerns. Thanks to its new cartridge it is also able to produce dynamic stripping tools! It is obvious that flat top stripping can be completely processed and bent without any problem. Not to mention the new dovetail joint lock locking system for closed shapes to reduce the need of welding in industrial tool. 


Last but not least, with EcoGiant your time saving is COLOSSAL as you have a smooth continuity of different computer operating systems. The machine comes with the latest development of our die preparation software based upon Windows® OS. The PC takes only information from the graphic environment. Machine control is now managed by industrial PLC.


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