LCKS Leather Cutting Production Line

LCKS Leather Cutting Production Line



  • Compared with the traditional production way, this unique three-stage production workflow can highly improve the production efficiency, including scanning, cutting and collecting.
  • After assigning the production orders, workers only need to feed the leather to the work-flow, then operate it through Control Center software till job finish. With such a system, it can minimize the labor working and reduce dependence on the professional staff.
  • LCKS cutting line can be processed continuously, which can improve the effectiveness to 75%-90%.
  • Material can be fixed well with strong felt friction to reduce the leather recognition time and improve cutting accuracy.
  • Safety protection device with high sensitive infrared sensor, can ensure the safe operation.



LCKS digital leather furniture cutting solution, from contour collection to automatic nesting, from order management to automatic cutting, to help customers accurately control each step of leather cutting, system management, full-digital solutions, and maintain market advantages.


Utilize the automatic nesting system to improve the utilization rate of  leather, maximum save the cost of genuine leather material. Fully automated production reduce dependence on manual skills. A fully digital cutting assembly line can achieve faster order delivery.










Electric Oscillating Tool – EOTEOT

The Electrical Oscillating Tool is super suitable for cutting the material of medium density. Coordinated with various kinds of blades, IECHO EOT is applied for cutting different materials and is able to cut 2mm arc.




  • LCKS cutting assembly line including the whole process of leather inspection - scanning - nesting - cutting- collecting. Continuous completion on its working platform, eliminates all traditional manual operations. Full digital and intelligent operation maximizes cutting efficiency.
  • Can quickly collect contour data of the entire leather ( area, circumference, flaws, leather level, etc). Auto recognition flaws. The leather defects and areas can be classified according to the customer’s calibration.
  • Complete the nest of a whole piece of leather in 30-60s. Increased leather utilization by 2%-5%( The data is subject to actual measurement. Automatic nesting according to the sample level. Different level of defects can be used flexibly according to customer requests to further improve the utilization of leather.
  • LCKS order management system runs through each link of digital production, flexible and convenient management system, monitor the whole assembly line in time, and each link can be modified in the production process. Flexible operation, intelligent management, convenient and efficient system, greatly saved the time spent by manually orders.


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