CITO Craft Strip/ CITO Castle Strip



Efficient stripping of the internal waste and the side edge

CITO CRAFT STRIP and CITO CASTLE STRIP are optimally suitable for problematic waste parts or heavy, thick material grades as well as material grades with long fibres (e.g. cardboard, Kraft liner, board, E-flute and corrugated board). Thanks to its particular product properties, even extremely long runs can be produced with constantly high quality.

CITO CRAFT STRIP was specially developed for stripping internal waste. The multi-stage design reliably separates and removes the waste from the sheet in two steps.

CITO CASTLE STRIP was designed for use on the side edge and back edge. The strong nicks of the side edge and back edge are completely destroyed before the stripping.

With CITO CRAFT STRIP and CITO CASTLE STRIP there is no longer any need for the time-consuming and costly chamfering of the lower stripping board.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Separation of waste nicks before the actual stripping process
  • Thanks to the multi-stage design, the waste is separated from the sheet in two steps and is ejected reliably
  • No need to chamfer the lower stripping board
  • Significant load reduction on the diecutter and stripping tool
  • Ideal for use in standard tools and dynamic stripping dies


Here you can download the template for the respective cutting geometry on a 1:1 scale.
Please ensure that the cutting contour is adjusted accordingly.

The following file formats are available for this: