Crease Measuring Devices


CITO CREASY - Crease Measuring Devices

Our creasing measurement device CITO CREASY enables you to monitor creasing characteristics. It supports you during setup on the press, resulting in superior creasing and a longer service life for your tooling and creasing matrices.

CITO CREASY is a measuring device that optically records creasing characteristics and uses software to analyse these on your PC or laptop. It graphically records the width, height and symmetry characteristics of the creasing and the two folding edges, analyses these and documents them by issuing a report. This guarantees optimised converting on the folding carton gluing machine.

With the CITO CREASY you can also measure impressions or monitor the angularity of assembled folding cartons.

Technical data

  • Measures the creasing characteristics
  • Measures the folding angle
  • Checks the height of creasing
  • Checks the width of creasing
  • Checks the folding edge to the left and right
  • Documents the checks in the form of a PDF quality report
  • Documents the statistics in the form of a PDF quality report
  • Tolerance: 0.003 mm depth measurement


Description Unit Order No.
CITO CREASY Basic 1 pc. BOB00040
CITO CREASY Premium 1 pc. BOB00041
CITO CREASY Upgrade from Basic to Premium 1 pc. BOB00042
CITO CREASY Power Crease Update 1 pc. BOB00044
CITO CREASY Power Box 1 pc. BOB00045
CITO CREASY E-Guide Pro 1 pc. BOB00046
CITO CREASY 3D View 1 pc. BOB00048
CITO CREASY LaserCrease 1 pc. BOB00049
CITO CREASY Rule Upgrade 1 pc. BOB00050
CITO CREASY Gold Package 1 pc. AOB00051
CITO CREASY E-Guide Pro Package 1 pc. AOB00052
CITO CREASY E-Guide Pro Film, printed 1 pc. AOB00044


The CREASY family continues to grow. We now introduce our embossment measuring devices and software and hardware extensions for the CREASY for measuring the crease notch and angularity of assembled folding boxes.

E-Guide Pro

E-Guide Pro

With the aid of the E-Guide Pro, you can measure, check and optimise embossments and blind embossments in solid board.


Power Crease

Power Crease

With the Power Crease extension for the CITO CREASY Premium, you can now measure and check creases on the side of the crease line.


Power Box

Power Box

With our Power Box extension for the CITO CREASY Premium measuring device, you can check the angularity of score lines and finished boxes.





Download Software

CITO CREASY Software Update v3.1.0.0
Windows, 18.4 MB




CITO CounterControl

CITO Counter Control - Crease Measuring Devices

CITO CounterControl is an optical, non-contact measurement system for monitoring the width and depth of the creasing channel in Pertinax and the counter plate.

Reduce costs resulting from measurement errors by using CITO CounterControl. Optimise and secure your production process.

CITO CounterControl allows you to test the wear on Pertinax from repeated operations and thus prevent machine downtime in advance.

This measuring system makes it possible to achieve consistent measuring accuracy, independent of the operator. Complaints and measurement errors are now a thing of the past.

As an option, the measuring system is available equipped with a laptop computer.

Technical Data

  • Measures the creasing channel depth
  • Measures the creasing channel width
  • Measures the radius at the floor of the creasing channel
  • Measures the angle at the floor of the creasing channel
  • Documents the measurements in the form of a PDF quality report
  • Tolerance: 0.003 mm depth measurement
  • Measuring width from 0.01 up to 8 mm
  • Measuring depth from 0.001 up to 3 mm


Description Unit Order No.
CITO CounterControl 1 pc. BYG00112