Seaga Group supplies industrial consumables and machinery to cardboard manufacturers, diemakers and printers in Australia & New Zealand. We are also the official distributors of Pantone in Australia & New Zealand.

We manage our customers' daily consumable requirements for a range of technical products. Our key to success is having efficient inventory management processes to meet our customers' requirements. We also support our customers with specialised equipment and technical advice.

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New Serviform SkyMilla
Brand new fully automatic milling machine for steel and phenolic counter plates is THE must have for any diemaker who is looking for speed and accuracy!
CITO D/5 & D/5 Top
Especially developed for cutting dies both for diemakers and corrugated board converters, High-quality solid rubber profile for clean and exact cut edges, Simple optical quality control through colour-coding. Available as self-adhesive EasyFix version for exact positioning and residue-free removal of the ejection material!
Big. Colossal. Enormous. It’s Serviform EcoGiant!
There are many ways of considering one of our greatest chart-toppers all over the world. One is for sure to start from its name: EcoGiant‘Nomen omen’ (the name is a sign) as already the Roman playwriter Plautus stated. Giant, though, is for sure not only the size of the machine we are highlighting today. There are many features the benefit of which are real synonyms to it. Judge yourself, you will be amazed!