CMYK Guide Coated & Uncoated

CMYK Guide Coated & Uncoated


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The new CMYK guide offers new unique identification and better printing consistency. This newly refreshed CMYK guide is a must-have for designers working in digital, print and packaging. 


New features:

  • More colors – 2,868, that is 700 more colors than our Pantone Matching System (PMS) Guides
  • The Pantone CMYK guide offers more of what designers have asked for, namely additional in-between colors. These are the colors between two existing Pantone colors that help fill in the gaps and provide more unique offering
  • The new CMYK guide makes it easy to identify colors that do not have a close PMS equivalent. An asterisk is located next to the color to identify that the color has a PMS equivalent
  • Color without an asterisk are unique CMYK colors, and are without a close PMS match
  • Guides are produced to exacting G7 specifications, which ensures that the colors can be reproduced more consistently in real world printing conditions