BK2 High Speed Digital Cutting System



  • All different sizes of machine can be customized for our different customers.
  • BK2 adopts acrylic panel, which has higher hardness, better toughness, and has excellent weather fastness and mechanical mechanics property.
  • Can be combined with standard cutting head, punching head and notch head to match different processing demands, easily deal with new production requirements.
  • IECHO's latest cutting system structure design conforms to ergonomics, making people feel humanized operation and processing experience.



BK2 cutting system is a high speed (single layer/few layers) material cutting system, which is widely applied in automobile interior, advertisement, garment, furniture, and composite materials. It can be precisely used for full cutting, half cutting, engraving, creasing, grooving. This Cutting system provides best choice for many different industries with high efficiency and flexibility.





UCT - Universal Cutting Tool

IECHO UCT can perfectly cut materials with the thickness up to 5mm. Compared to other cutting tools, UCT is the most cost-effective one that allows for the fastest cutting speed and lowest maintenance cost. The protective sleeve equipped with spring ensures the cutting accuracy.



IECHO CTT is for creasing on the corrugated materials. A selection of creasing tools allows for perfect creasing. Coordinated with the cutting software, the tool can cut the corrugated materials along its structure or the reverse direction to have a finest creasing result, without any damage to the corrugated material's surface.  


Specialized for V-cut processing on corrugated materials, IECHO V-Cut Tool can cut 0° , 15° , 22.5° , 30° and 45°


With imported spindle, IECHO RZ has a rotating speed of 60000 rpm. The router driven by high frequency motor can be applied for cutting hard materials with the maximum thickness of 20mm. IECHO RZ realize the 24/7 working requirement. The customized cleaning device cleans up the production dust and debris. The air cooling system extends blade life.

Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - POT
POT - Pneumatic Oscillating Tool
POT driven by compressed air, IECHO POT with 8mm stroke, is especially for cutting hard and compact materials. Equipped with different kinds of blades, the POT can make different process effect. The tool can cut the material up to 110mm by using specialized blades.

KCT - Kiss-Cut Tool

The kiss cut tool is mainly used for cutting vinyl materials. IECHO KCT makes it possible that the tool cuts through the top part of the material without any damage to the bottom part. It allows high cutting speed for material processing. 

EOT - Electric Oscillating Tool

The Electrical Oscillating Tool is super suitable for cutting the material of medium density. Coordinated with various kinds of blades, IECHO EOT is applied for cutting different materials and is able to cut 2mm arc.



  • The heat sinking device are added to the circuit board, which effectively speed up the heat dissipation in the control box. Compared with the fan heat dissipation, it can effectively reduce the entry of dust by 85%-90%.
  • According to the customized nesting samples and width control parameters which set by customers, this machine can automatically and efficiently generate to the best nesting.
  • IECHO CutterServer cutting control center enables the cutting process smoother and the cutting result perfect.
  • Safety device ensures the safety of operator while controlling the machine under the high speed processing.


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