AC 3 Cutter

AC 3 Cutter

This cutter was developed for our range of CITO creasing systems and it will significantly increase the efficiency of your machine by eliminating the need for time-consuming reworking.

  • Simultaneous cutting and chamfering in a single step
  • Optimised setup time thanks to elimination of need for reworking
  • Reliable waste ejection

The unique concept of the AC 3 cutter means that creasing systems can be cut to the desired length and the cut edges chamfered, both in a single step. This saves you valuable time, not only when setting up the diecutter. Due to these time savings, on average, the cost of purchasing the AC 3 is recovered within about 1 month.

Thanks to the user-friendly design of the AC 3, a perfectly centric 45° angle cut can be achieved, either with the supplied measuring cursor or with the adjustment aid, depending on requirements.

Cut lengths are between 25 mm and 815 mm.

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