Stripping frames and tooling


Repair and replacement parts 

Many of the parts we sell such as lower stripping pins and clamps are made up of separate components that can be repaired or replaced without having to replace the whole part. Replacing components can lead to as much as 85% cost reduction. 

Stripping pins 

Seaga offers an extensive range of stripping pins in 4 standard variations and pin holders, to solve all your stripping problems. Our assortment includes the classic 15 mm extended body with 4 mm hardened needle, but also a super slim stripping pin with 8 mm body and 2,5 mm needle. With our new and innovative pin holders and stripping pins we can solve any stripping problem!

Aluminium stripping frames

To reduce the weight of (a part of) the lower stripping frames, all the bars are made of aluminium. This is much more ergonomic for your employees.


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