Cutting chases, systems and cutting plates

Inox (stainless steel) cutting chase & cutting plates

Seaga supplies highly durable plates made of hardened and ground inox (stainless steel). This material extends the durability of the cutting plate by 35% and reduces cleaning and maintenance of the die cutting section by up to 75%. 

Sustainable modification

Seaga use your existing cutting chase when modifying to a Quick- Lock system. By install a new inox chase plate, a 100% technical Quick- Lock cutting chase is made. Good for your budget and good for the environment. 

Chase loaders

The chase loaders can be custom made and adapted on your specific needs for your working area. The chase loaders are from a new generation, wherein a third position for the resocell can be provided. The chase loaders are available in every RAL- color, maintenance free and installed within a couple of hours.

Seaga is happy to advise you on reducing your changeover times. This advice includes the delivery of the necessary tools and providing the instructions to your technical staff.

Micrometric system

The micrometric system can be installed on your machine in a short time, there is no need to adapt your machine! Without the need to replace the resocell or make any positioning, you will save a lot of time and costs.