CITO Braille Measuring Devices


Braille Measuring Devices

The CITO BREYE is connected to a PC via USB. It takes 3D images of the sample which are then tr ansmitted to the PC for analysis.

The software analyses the Braille dots and gives the height, the base diameter and the positioning of the dots. The measurement readings are collected and statistically analysed. A quality report can be saved and printed out. CITO BREYE can be used at various stages of the production process:

  • on the embossing press
  • after the packaging is glued
  • in the QA department.

CITO BREYE is a reliable, portable measuring device which checks and documents the measurement data according to DIN EN 15823. The dots themselves are not damaged by this process.

The measurement readings are automatically saved in the form of a report and are therefore tamper-proof. The repor t can be called up at any time.

 Technical data

  • Measures the dot height
  • Measures the dot width
  • Measures the dot spacing
  • Conforms to DIN EN 15823
  • Documents the checks in the form of a PDF quality report
  • Documents the statistics in the form of a PDF quality report 
  • Tolerance: ±0.01 mm