Cutting Die Measuring Devices


CITO LaserInspektor



The CITO LaserInspektor is a tactile measuring device with a specially developed software to measure laser cutting in stamping/cutting tools. The CITO LaserInspektor for the first time allows laser cuts to be measured. Its use during ongoing production enables the optimisation of manufacturing parameters and thus ensures the constant quality of your tools.

The CITO LaserInspektor can document the measured data in a quality report. The specially developed software permits an analysis of the cross-section. The sensor installed in the hardware is guided through the die clearance to measure its course. The corresponding data are then transmitted to the software and analysed.

  • Die clearance measurement of laser-cut stamping/cutting tools
  • For flatbed cutting dies and rotary half shelves
  • Unique measuring system to optimise laser cutting
  • Quality report as PDF to document quality assurance
  • Allows the optimisation of your setting parameters in the manufacturing process

According to the first comments from customers, the very reliable and correct measurement readings of the CITO LaserInspektor are proving themselves in practice. The cutting quality of the cutting die can be greatly optimised through the LaserInspektor since the cuts are always the same thanks to defined specifications, irrespective of the user. Incorrectly cut boards or boards that had to be rejected during insertion of the cutting rule into the punch board due to the poor quality of the cut are a thing of the past. This avoids any interruptions in the workflow.


CITO LaserInspektor Windows

Technical data

  • Repeat accuracy ± 0.01 mm
  • Measuring accuracy ± 0.03 mm
  • Measuring speed pre measurement: 3 - 5 seconds
  • Measuring device size: 210 × 70 mm
  • Optional: adapter for rotary half shelves 174 - 808 mm
Description Version Unit Order No.
CITO LaserInspektor Software for Windows, Working standard 1 pc. BYG00114
Adapter for rotary half shelves NEW   1 pc. BYG00151