GLS Automatic Multi-Ply Cutting System

GLS Automatic Multi-Ply cutting system



  • The structural rigidity of the cavity is greatly improved, and the overall deformation under the pressure of 35 kpa is≤0.1mm. The cavity ventilation airway is optimized, and the suction force can be adjusted quickly and intelligently during the cutting process, without the need for secondary coating.
  • Improve production environment. Improve production management.  Improve material utilization. Improve production efficiency. Improve product quality. Improve corporate image
  •  Prevent air leakage, saving energy.
  • Automatically compensate knife sharpen according to blade wear, improving cutting precision.



GLS Automatic Multi-Ply Cutting System provides the best solutions for mass production in Textile,Furniture,Car interior, Luggage, Outdoor industries, etc. Equipped with IECHO high speed Electronic Oscillating Tool (EOT), GLS can cut soft materials with high speed,high precision and high intelligence. IECHO CUTSERVER Cloud Control Center has powerful data conversion module, which ensures GLS work with the mainstream CAD software in the market. 


GLS Automatic Multi-Ply cutting system



GLS Automatic Multi-Ply cutting system



  • The overall cutting is increased by more than 30%. Automatically sense and synchronize the feeding back-blowing function. No human intervention is required during cutting and feeding. Super-long pattern can be seamlessly cutting and processing. Automatically adjust the pressure, feeding with pressure.
  • It can output multiple sets of different types and sizes of notches at the same time to meet the cutting needs of various complex patterns.
  • The cutting path compensation can be automatically performed according to the loss of the fabric and the blade. According to different cutting conditions, the cutting speed can be automatically adjusted to improve the cutting efficiency while ensuring the quality of the pieces. The cutting parameters can be modified in real time during the cutting process without the need to pause the equipment.
  • Adjust cutting mode according to different materials.
  • Automatically adjust the suction force, saving energy.
  • Reduce tool heat to avoiding material adhesion.


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