Cushion Crease

CITO Cushion Crease - Creasing Profile - Developed for the processing of corrugated board


CITO Cushion Crease is the perfect complement to CITO Polytop Rotation and CITO Cushion Crease Plus.

Field of application: rotary diecutters, flatbed diecutting / corrugated board

The advantages:

  • EasyFixEspecially developed for flatbed and rotary dies, for diemakers and corrugated board converters
  • Simple optical quality control through colour-coding
  • Extreme wear resistance
  • Excellent height resistance
  • Available as self-adhesive EasyFix version on user-friendly CMR reels



CITO Cushion Crease is used on the creasing rule to support compression of the corrugated board and to optimise folding behaviour, particularly along the corrugations.




EasyFixCITO Cushion Crease is available as a self-adhesive EasyFix version on user-friendly CMR reels. Thanks to the EasyFix technology, the ejection material can be precisely positioned on the cutting die and can be removed without leaving any residues. The surface of your cutting die remains undamaged. Additional stapling is not necessary. Use of activator sprays and super glues is avoided; this means improved safety in your company.