SC High Speed Large Format Cutting System

SC High Speed Large Format Cutting System



  • The maximum effective cutting width is 5-meter, the maximum effective cutting length can reach 50-meter, it is the largest cutting system in China.
  • Incomparable cutting quality, high repeatability and cutting precision.
  • The cutting speed is fast without cutting cardboard sample, which can reduce manual operation, improve production efficiency greatly.



IECHO has developed SC high speed large format static cutting system to cut single-ply and few-ply material independently, it adopts advanced control system, which is with high cutting speed, high precision, strong stability. The system is easy to operate, which can cut some soft materials, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, PVC, ETFE, PTFE, HYPALON, oxford cloth, leather automatically with high speed (without making sampling, drawing line and cutting dies).


SC High Speed Large Format Cutting System



  • Computer-aided design, it can make 2D or 3D patterns with different tools Can import and export all CAD formats, such as DXF,PLT files.. Can convert the data with IECHO data convert program, import and export marker sheet data. Edit the patterns again (Create, modify, attribute, merger, divide, optimize, parameter definition and so on).
  • Definite cutting width of marker, pattern specification and Qty. Set gap, margin space and binding of patterns. Set the color difference and nap. Create the specification sheet and batch nesting according to customers.
  • Import ECHO marker sheet, and output directly. Modify the parameters of control system according to material types and thickness. Flexible and simple control panel, it can do debugging, previewing and complete the manual or automatic cutting.


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