CITO Secure Presser


Presser with safety strap, especially for fast running machines developed – keeps the sheet flat during the stripping process

CITO SECURE PRESSER is a fast reacting spring element, secured with a safety sling, for mounting between the presser plate and the upper stripping die. By using a presser plate, the sheets are pressed uniformly flat during the stripping process. This ensures trouble-free production with high performance for machine speeds of over 7,000 sheets per hour.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Consistent pressure across the entire surface of the lower stripping tool
  • Minimizing wear on machine parts (e. g. frames, transfer) due to improved pressure distribution on the lower stripping die
  • Safe use due to safety sling
  • High machine speeds and long runs



Here you can download the template for the respective cutting geometry on a 1:1 scale.
Please ensure that the cutting contour is adjusted accordingly.

The following file formats are available for this: