CITO Sheet Lift

Optimum solution for safe sheet transport – double-sided usability!

CITO SHEET LIFT 3D is a high-quality element for sheet lifting in the stripping die for cardboard and corrugated board. 

It is fitted easily, without tools, in the corresponding laser cutouts in the lower stripping board. A sheet hold-down (stripping foam, presser or presser plate) is positioned above it.

During the stripping process, the foam presses the sheet onto the lower stripping board and against the CITO SHEET LIFT 3D, which sinks into stripping board. After stripping, the sheet is lifted by the spring force of CITO SHEET LIFT 3D and the gripper bar pulls the sheet over the stripping board without contact.

Thanks to the differently shaped sides, CITO SHEET LIFT 3D can be used on both sides for corrugated board and for cardboard. Depending on the quality and thickness of the material, CITO SHEET LIFT 3D can also be inserted deeper into the wood to ensure optimum sheet transfer.

Existing stripping dies can be retrofitted with the self-locking CITO SHEET LIFT 3D ADD clamping ring in combination with CITO SHEET LIFT 3D.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Flexibly usable on both sides
  • Effective sheet lifting
  • Retrofittable at any time