Bohlerstrip X-Press

Bohlerstrip X-Press

Optimized Production Runs and Make-Ready

The innovation lies within the patented back-design of the cutting rule which paves the way for the predefined compensation area for the cutting rule to self-level under pressure. The cutting tip is therefore under less strain and remains sharper for a longer period of time. In day to day operation this means substantially longer tooling life. X-PRESS is especially suitable for large volume jobs where highest quality is needed.



  • Minimized make-ready time
  • Excellent cut quality
  • Extended knife lifetime
  • Re-orders without patching
  • Standard rule processing on auto-bending equipment




  • Self-levelling cutting rule with micro serrated rule back
  • Same processing as standard UNIVERSAL rules
  • Improved knife service life
  • Excellent bendability




  • Solid board
  • Corrugated board