Discover SERVIFORM EcoPlus

Discover SERVIFORM EcoPlus

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How often did you study your dieshop with the aim to make your production process more efficient?

You secretly dreamt of a machine which helps you save time, money and space without needing a PhD to make it work.

And here is the fantastic news: the machine does exist! It is developed out of the needs of diemakers, such as yourself, who are looking for measurable performances and not just for catchy marketing slogans.

Serviform EcoPlus is really a smart all-in-one machine. First of all, because it brings together the best of the two bending worlds: the horizontal punching and the pre-cutting/scissor technology. The new bending sleeve concept allows you to pass from a steel rule thickness to another in a few seconds: this is really sensational! Flexibility and very low tool changing time. The best of the category.

Furthermore, it features an impressive number of working units such as the fully automatic cut/crease and perforation and the broaching element. The Perf unit is fully automatic and all the specifications can be entered from the software. Leave tools and micrometers to the ones not using the EcoPlus!

All the nicks are manufactured using 4 position Revolver nicking cartridges. A double side broaching unit with fast change tool is also available. Punched nicks position are automatically taken from the CAD files, which means you can speed up you process as never before!

EcoPlus processes steel rules from 1,5 to 4 Pt up to 32 mm high and shares the range of cartridges of the Serviform LineA machine. From EcoPlus you can therefore expect the best of punching performances. As you see, with Serviform EcoPlus speed is never compromising quality.

The all-in-one factor is also very smart: in fact EcoPlus features independent cutting, bridging and special cartridges fully motorized.
The compact footprint of the machine is stunning: with a length of only 190 cm, a width of 110 cm and a height of 180 cm, you can well optimize the space of your dieshop. Less space = more profit! No mention to the very lean power requirements, EcoPlus is working with single phase, peak power requirement is 2 Kw!  

As standard all the machines of the SDDS (Serviform Digital Diemaking System) are driven by a newly developed software based upon Windows 10. This software is a user interface sending machine command to real PLC.


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