New Serviform SkyMilla

New Serviform SkyMilla

New Serviform SkyMilla – reach out and touch success!

Brand new fully automatic milling machine for steel and phenolic counter plates is THE must have for any diemaker who is looking for speed and accuracy.

Have a look at the video:


When we talk about speed, we mean TOP SPEED results which we reach by using genuine Serviform routing bits, for a start. XY axes feature a maximum speed of 1000 mm/sec (60,0/min), while XY brushless motors have incremental encoders 1.000.000 ppr. But this isn’t by far! Multiple origin (Zero setting) allows two plates to work at the same time!

This means you can cut 50% of your processing time or double your production capacity without setting your milling machine twice! 

 When it comes to accuracyServiform SkyMilla has truly unmatched standards: let’s start from the top. The patented software for automatic compensation of creasing rule position on the plate helps you to minimize your efforts in the designing section while guaranteeing high precision performance. 

 The 4.0 analytics software continuously monitors the productivity of the machine in real time and allows anyone to watch the processing progress live with the software connected webcam. Regular tool dimension/condition measurements set by the operator allows for the machine to run unattended with multiple plates. Should one (or more) of the routing bits break/fail during the process the system will get it and will restart automatically from the last “valid” process. No doubts, no more waste and no need for physical attendance.  

 Last but not least the closed frame increases safety of the working environment. It goes without saying that SkyMilla is Industry 4.0 ready.

 If you are not a believer type of diemaker (and luckily enough we are very familiar with this category!), then reach out for a live demo via The performances of our new SkyMilla will leave you astounded. 

Success is guaranteed.