Act now to save! SP Series Spectrophotometer Trade-In Deals!

Ci64 spectrophotometer in use


Trade-up your SP Series spectrophotometer today to one of our industry-leading Ci62 or Ci64 handheld sphere spectrophotometers to accelerate color approvals and reduce color rejections.

From now until June 30, we are offering discounts to trade-in your existing X-Rite SP60, SP62 or SP64 handheld or competitor’s device for a Ci62 or Ci64 handheld spere spectrophotometer. 

Benefits of Upgrading

X-Rite’s compact, lightweight handheld spectrophotometers are a performance-driven solution to take quick measurements and compare against tolerances at any stage of production.

  • Preserve legacy data with data compatibility to your new device.
  • Ensure your device is always calibrated and optimized for accurate and consistent measurements with embedded NetProfiler.
  • Discover how to calibrate, measure, and properly use the device through interactive training modules.
  • Easily configure device setup and menus and create backups.
  • Adjust the UV-to-visible-light balance to achieve agreement between devices for optically brightened samples with the Ci64UV

Instruments Eligible for Trade-In Credit:

  • X-Rite: CE XTH / SP60 / SP62 / SP64
  • Datacolor: CHECK (any model)
  • Konica Minolta: CM-700d / CM-600d / CM-2500d / CM-2600d
  • HunterLab: MiniScan
  • BYK: Spectro-Guide (any model)

 Upgrade and SAVE today!

  • Valid until June 30, 2023
  • Competitive trade-ins require the return of the instrument
  • Trade-ins require the return of the instrument
  • Seaga reserves the right to limit the number of trade-ins
  • This offer can be terminated at any time without notice


    For any questions please contact (03) 9450 9500 or