Limited Time! IntelliTrax 1 Scanning System Trade-In Deals!

Valid until 31 December, 2023

Take advantage of X-Rite’s global promotions now through the end of the year! Trade-in your old scanning system and purchase a new IntelliTrax2 Pro with a Service Care Plan and SAVE!

Connect Your Pressroom Workflow and Save Big with Our IntelliTrax 1 Scanning System Trade In

For a premier press side scanning solution, we encourage you to explore the benefits of upgrading to IntelliTrax2 Pro.

Why Upgrade?

  • Ensure security and IT support for the latest operating systems and database versions
  • Avoid instrument downtime with end-to-end service and support
  • Print to latest standards (such as G7 and ISO), even on substrates with optical brightening agents (M1, in addition to M0 and optional M3)
  • Secure materials up to 1 mm during the scan without slippage
  • Reference the latest Pantone libraries in printing jobs
  • Receive job data from ColorCert and submit score directly to the Scorecard Server

Instruments Eligible for Trade-In Credit (Up to $12,000 USD):

  • IntelliTrax 1 Scanning System
  • EasyTrax
  • Techkon SpectroDrive Press Supplier Systems

Upgrade and SAVE today!

  • Valid until December 31, 2023
  • Competitive trade-ins require the return of the instrument
  • Seaga trade-ins require the return of the instrument
  • Seaga reserves the right to limit the number of trade-ins
  • This offer can be terminated at any time without notice

For any questions please contact (03) 9450 9500 or