eXact 2 Standard Spectrophotometer

eXact 2 Standard Spectrophotometer


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 The Ultimate Color Measurement Tool for Paper and Film

Full eXact 2 Functionality for Paper, Flexible, and Unique Substrates

eXact 2 Plus includes all the features and ability to measure on both polarized and non-polarized substrates. Like the other eXact 2 models, eXact 2 Plus offers Mantis, Digital Loupe, intuitive touchscreen, and non-contact measurement.

Specialized Measurement Functions

Ideal for ink manufacturers and printers with color critical jobs, the eXact 2 Plus offers specialized measurement functionality, including opacity, metamerism, color strength, and paper quality. eXact 2 Plus also includes a one-year subscription to PantoneLIVE.


Aperture Size Measurement Area Target Window Opening
 1.5mm 1.5mm  3.5mm
2mm 2mm  4mm
4mm 4mm  6mm
6mm 6mm  8mm


Quickly Scan M0, M1, M2, M3 in One Measurement

The eXact 2 Plus can easily toggle between spot and scan measurements using integrated wheels and patch recognition technology, speeding up measurement by 17%. eXact 2 Plus simultaneously measures M0, UV included/ISO 13655:2017; M1, D50/ISO 13655:2017; M2, UV excluded/ISO 13655:2017; and M3 - Polarization/ISO 13655:2017.


A Complete Ink and Print Solution

Quickly collect and visualize your color data to find the information you need, when you need it. The eXact Plus offers enhanced functions in addition to the on-screen, embedded quality control and quality assurance capabilities and simplified ink workflows. Work faster and more securely anywhere in your facility with onboard Wi-Fi and easily switch between polarized and non-polarized substrates.


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