eXact Basic Plus (with Bluetooth) Densitometer

eXact Basic Plus (with Bluetooth) Densitometer


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Non-bluetooth version is also available.

Xp is made for all applications including precise measurements on flexible film materials, where M3 is not required.


Best-in-Class for Measuring All Aspects of CMYK in the Pressroom

By leveraging the eXact Basic Plus print and packaging operations can rest assured that color accuracy and consistency will be applied through the entire print process. In addition to measuring CMYK, Density, and Tone Value, this densitometer is designed specifically to allow operators to compare to standards with Pass/Fail indication and provides additional functions, such as Trapping, Contrast, Trend View and Print Curve View. As part of the comprehensive eXact family of products, the eXact Basic Plus is the ideal choice for those who print CMYK in the pressroom and verify all aspects for density.


Aperture Size Measurement Area Target Window Opening
 1.5mm 1.5mm  3.5mm
2mm 2mm  4mm
4mm 4mm  6mm
6mm 6mm  8mm


• Accurate and Consistent Integrated white calibration ensures the highest accuracy and consistency. • Best-in-Class to Support All Aspects for CMYK Densitometry Allows job oriented working with pass/fail indication for all color patches of the color bar, to ensure color accuracy and consistency through the entire print process.

• Configurable Allows the user to easily configure the instrument as well as the flexibility to control all elements on a selected job.

• Efficiency eXact is built to bring efficiency to your operation with its ability to automatically detect the color and patch type, providing the measurement result in the view configured by the user.

• Expandable The eXact Basic Plus and eXact Xp Basic Plus model can be upgraded any time by password to the eXact Standard or eXact Advanced models.



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