Metallics Guide

Metallics Guide


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The Pantone® Metallics Guide, now updated with 54 brand new colors, provides a quick and easy reference to all 655 Pantone® Metallic colors.

A single compact handheld fan deck displaying 655 Pantone® Metallic colors.


Get inspired with 54 brand new market-relevant metallic colors now included in the updated  Pantone® Metallics Guide. Easily share, compare, and reference 655 metallic color chips – 354 high-luster, 301 traditional Metallic Spot Colors – in this compact, portable fan deck. The Pantone® Graphics System provides a comprehensive collection of high-quality, reliable metallic colors specially crafted by experts at the Pantone Color Institute. Ideal for projects like packaging, logos, branding, signage, and marketing materials, the Pantone® metallic color guide offers easy-to-use, dynamic color options that provide luxurious results.



  • Portable, handheld fan deck
  • Printed on the commonly used coated paper stock: 100 lb (148 gsm)
  • Lighting Indicator page demonstrates when lighting conditions are suitable for color evaluation



  • 54 new trend- and market-relevant packaging colors using Rose Gold base ink
  • Complete collection of impactful and refined metallic colors for creating noticeable designs
  • 354 high-luster, durable Packaging Metallic and 301 traditional Metallic Spot Colors
  • Color examples shown with gloss aqueous and specialty coatings
  • Each color displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations
  • Colors arranged chromatically, with index at the back of guide indicating color locations



  • Ideal for packaging, logos, branding, signage, security applications and marketing materials
  • Packaging Metallics are easy to coat and print without loss in luster, tarnishing, leafing or blemishing
  • Broadens and complements the traditional spot color palette found in the Pantone® Formula Guide
  • Use for color communication, specification and production
  • Bring Color to Life, Digitally – Learn how Pantone ® Connect for Adobe ® Creative Cloud ® allows you to take your physical Pantone ® colors into your digital workflow through Adobe ® Creative Cloud ® (InDesign ® , Photoshop ® , and Illustrator ®).