YS-502D Carton Sealer

YS-502D Carton Sealer


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 An innovative carton sealer that closes random size boxes criss-cross. A centering unit centres the box and even keep it there for you to fill with both hands or close it in one go. Exchanging tape is easy because the bottom tape unit is tilted by moving the lever.

Where is this carton sealer being used?

This machine is mainly used in companies that closes big and random sizes of boxes in an easy and fast manner. This can be in production, logistic or agricultural sector or webstores.


    Power: 230 Vac / 50 Hz / 0.4 kW
    Machine Weight: 310 kg
    Work height: 500 - 710 mm
    Capacity: 15 Cartons/min
    Box Length: 150 - ∞ mm
    Box Width: 180 - 580 mm
    Box Height: 130 - 600 mm
    Tape: PVC or PP; width (max 50 mm); core: 76mm